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Faulty girders cause multi-million dollar loss

How adjusters assigned to a complex loss involving the construction of an underground highway tunnel used their engineering and construction expertise to avert potential disaster


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Construction on the underground tunnel had begun in 2011 and was due for completion in the fall of 2014. However, problems were identified with the pre-stressed concrete girders in 2013 and work on the tunnel halted.


  • The Challenge

    The contractor hired to design, build and install the pre-stressed concrete girders made 500 between August 2012 and May 2013. While a quality management procedure and plan was in place, the insured was concerned about the use of tack welding in the girders.

  • The Solution

    Extensive testing and analysis of the girders began with the random demolition of six girders and extensive load testing. It was determined that in addition to the use of tack welding and lack of regulatory approval, none of the girders were fabricated according to the original agreement. The loss adjusters determined they were deficient and unsafe to be put to use in highway tunnels.

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