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Kuril Islands Shipwreck

Cunningham Lindsey used a variety of experts to supervise the salvage operation and mitigate environmental damage when a vessel carrying diesel fuel was wrecked in the remote Kuril Islands

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In 2012, a tanker carrying diesel fuel ran aground on the remote Pacific island of Iturup, one of the Kuril Islands

The islands in the North Pacific Ocean are under Russian jurisdiction. Cunningham Lindsey’s Moscow team, headed by Viktor Basharin, was approached by insurers concerned by the potential environmental impact caused by the vessel’s salvage operation. Basharin immediately drafted in environmental, marine hull and complex claims experts – from around the world – to ensure the right team was in place to oversee the work.

  • The Challenge:

    Following oil spills, leaks and a fire during the initial stages of the ship’s salvage, the insurers were concerned there would be further environmental damage as the dismantling process progressed and appointed Cunningham Lindsey to assist.

  • The Solution:

    Our adjusters on the ground in Russia pulled in international specialist resources from the Major and Complex Loss team, including experts from the Environmental Specialist Practice Group and Marine Special Practice Group.

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