Water and mould threaten new construction

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A water leak in a building in its final phase of construction led to the discovery of mould growth in summer 2014. The discovery threatened to postpone completion of the high rise, which was 90% finished and due to be handed over to its new management company.


  • The Challenge

    One suggestion involved the removal of all floors and plasterboard on the floors that had been affected by the water intrusion. Such action would come at a considerable business interruption cost for the developer.

  • The Solution

    EFI Global were contacted by the adjuster running the claim to carry out a detailed inspection and clarify the extent of the problem. The team positively identified mould impacts in three of the units and six building hallways. Within two months of EFI Global’s initial inspection, the mould part of the project was completed. Positive results from the post remedial verification inspection and air sampling meant these areas could be handed back to the developer, allowing him to rebuild and deliver the building on time.