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Changes to reporting requirements under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDGA)

01st Jun 2016

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On June 1, 2016 changes to the spill reporting requirements under the TDG Regulations came into effect. The amendments are aimed at improving reporting in order to help ensure emergency responders act quickly to prevent a release from occurring and potentially endangering the environment or human health and safety and to provide better information on incidents involving Dangerous Goods. There seems to be some confusion around when to report under the new TDG spill reporting Regulations and when to report through the provincial spill reporting channels. Simply put, placard containers fall within the TDG Requirements. Tractor trailer saddle tanks are not placard thus they follow the provincial spill reporting requirements. This seems to be a point of confusion in the transportation industry.  It is important that transporters be aware of both the Federal and the various Provincial reporting requirements and their obligations under both are adhered to. The obligation to report rests with the polluter. The safest approach is when in doubt, report.

Read ‘Amendments to TDGA Reporting Requirements 2016’ by EFI Global Director – National Environmental Services, Kevin Burgher – click here

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