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Cunningham Lindsey expands Dutch Cyber Hub capabilities with five new partners

26th Apr 2017

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Cunningham Lindsey has announced it is expanding its ‘Cyber Incident Hub’ in The Netherlands, with the addition of five new specialist partners.

The ‘Cyber Incident Hub’ offers specialist support to insurers and their clients when responding to a cyber-attack.  This includes getting the business back up and running, forensic investigation into the cause of the cyber-attack, reputational management and legal support with fraud and litigation matters.

Through the new Hub, Cunningham Lindsey is also offering preventative services designed to reduce the likelihood, and impact of, cyber-attack. Key to this is raising awareness of cyber risks; making it a board-level issue, ensuring organisations have sufficient focus on reducing vulnerability and the potential impacts.

The five new partners supporting the Hub are; international law firm CMS, center for crisis support Crion, forensic cyber security firm Digital Investigation, Dutch law firm Dirkzwager, and global communications agency Edelman. Combined, the enhanced service from Cunningham Lindsey now offers a single point of contact for oversight of all claims, costs, expert management of cyber incidents and hacks.

Hans Glaudemans, Manager Liability / Construction & Cyberteam Leader from Cunningham Lindsey Nederland said: “Cyber-attack is one of the biggest threats facing businesses in The Netherlands today.   Whether that is loss of reputation, business interruption or liability claims after a data breach, a cyber-attack can have major implications for businesses of all sizes.”

In recent years, the expansion of cloud based computing, social engineer and phishing attacks have led to an estimated annual cost to the global economy of $445bn. Glaudemans continued:  “In response to this growing threat, we have expanded our Cyber Incident Hub to provide an end-to-end service, from getting the business back up and running to forensic analysis of the data breach and legal support in the aftermath of the attack. We expect to continue to expand our service in Europe as the new EU Data Protection Directive comes into force next year.”

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