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Cunningham Lindsey France Advances Digital Loss Adjusting with Visio

22nd Jan 2018

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Cunningham Lindsey France, the leading claims management and loss adjusting firm, introduces greater functionality across the Visio Adjusting system, offering reliable and rapid handling of loss adjustment. As a mobile application, Visio Adjusting makes it possible for adjusters to pick up on a case remotely, perform a live assessment of the situation, evaluate the damage, and organise mobile video conferencing.

Since its introduction, the number of Visio adjusting operations at Cunningham Lindsey has increased significantly from 203 in 2014 to 3,000 in September 2017. The percentage of successful operations, number of cases opened and closed-out using Visio, has also increased by 52% in 2014 and 83% in 2017.

The Visio application provides benefits to the insured parties by conducting adjusting operation quicker and more efficiently. With Visio, the adjuster is able to make necessary assessments by operating the application via the insured party’s smartphone. From a remote location, the adjuster can activate the flash and zoom lens of the smartphone, insert a pause in the video, take photos and mark an area directly on the picture taken. The application also enables the insured party to share documents with the adjuster, facilitating communication and presentation of the claim for the insurer to decide on policy coverage.

The latest version of Visio comes with Visio-sharing, a function that enables the adjuster to set up an online adjusting operation with the local adjuster and the insured party. In France or anywhere in the world, this system allows the Cunningham Lindsey France team to maintain the quality of performance worldwide, while coordinating everything from France; this helps reduce the processing times and lower the expertise costs for insurance companies.

Visio-Adjusting is also equipped to set up emergency protective measures. With this application, the adjuster is able to connect the insured with an expert immediately after the incident; and advise on taking emergency safety measures without having to wait for the expert’s visit to the location (e.g. Machinery breakdown claims, complex incidents, vehicle collisions, preservation of recovery rights, assistance with bailiff’s reports, and separate handling of building damage and theft losses). This will prevent aggravation of the loss and safeguard proof of loss.

Evelyne Boyer, MCL Global Director in France, said: “As technology evolves, so do the claim processing solutions within our services. We are very pleased to see the enhancement of our Visio adjusting solution and we know that it is improving service delivery to our clients. In Cunningham Lindsey, we consider that technology is an enhancer to human skills and performance. Visio is indeed supporting high end corporate line loss adjusters to perform remotely so that we can offer all our customers outstanding claims solutions that are both efficient and economical.”

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