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Cunningham Lindsey is ready to respond to North Queensland flood event

12th Mar 2018

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Below is a quick snapshot of Cunningham Lindsey’s first impressions of the north QLD flooding event.  To view drone footage of the event – click here.

According to locals, the height of the river may well have exceeded flood levels not seen in 80 years. Even some properties built above 1-in-100 year flood levels, have had inundation.

It would seem that the floodwaters are not from local rainfall, but rather up river water flows. Our drone footage taken at the height of the flood waters on 9th March show the extent of the flooding, however we are yet to fully appreciate the extent of the damage from ground level.

Access from the north via the Cardwell Range may be blocked for the next two weeks, however access via Townsville is open to restricted personnel including Cunningham Lindsey on Tuesday.

The Johnstone River in Innisfail is not necessarily known for flooding, so the inundation could be a result of local rainfall being unable to drain. This will however require further examination.

We have already conducted inspections as far south as Gordonvale, but were restricted from Innisfail itself. Word has come through today that the bridge infrastructure has been cleared for travel by the authorities, and we have arranged inspections for 13th March.

Other areas
Earlier in the month, rain fell in the western regions where floodwaters have not yet receded, to the point where access has not been possible to many properties. This event may well be similar in some of the more remote regions.

Issues anticipated
We are expecting a number of businesses will sustain financial losses as a result of the lack of access in Ingham & Innisfail. Our FAS Global team are available to assist with any claims for business interruption from direct damage or wide area damage.

Our licensed Sergon Building Consultants are on standby throughout Queensland, and after observing news footage, they have raised concerns about the force of some flows impacting foundations.

Some of the older housing will have asbestos, which may or may not be impacted, and this will be an area we will be monitoring with support from Oriel Property Services as inspections begin.

Our Loss Adjusters across the business are ready to mobilise and support our branches in Cairns & Townsville.

Should you have any questions, please speak directly to your Account Manager, or Belinda Powell.

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