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Hurricanes & Earthquakes – Briefing for UK clients

13th Sep 2017

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The damage caused by hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, combined with the earthquake in Mexico, is a sobering reminder of the power of nature.

We’ve all seen the devastation unfold over recent days and the people affected are now looking to the insurance industry to help put their homes, businesses and livelihoods back together. It’s at moments like this that insurers, brokers and loss adjusters demonstrate the value they add.

Cunningham Lindsey’s response As you would expect, we’re playing a leading role in helping our clients and their customers. There’s a need to act quickly and despite devastating damage to transport and utilities infrastructure, we’ve already deployed Cat teams on the ground, some having flown out last week in anticipation of events.

In addition to mainland U.S. we have teams in St. Martin, St. Maarten, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Antigua and Mexico. Staff will also be in place later today on the US Virgin Islands and Anguilla.

Globally Cunningham Lindsey
UK is playing a part with several adjusters involved in the response. They’re joining staff from U.S, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, France, Ireland and the Netherlands in our global response to an unprecedented series of catastrophes.

The scale of our business, both globally and in the UK, means that we will maintain BAU service to our UK clients, many of whom have exposure in the affected areas.

We’ll keep you updated as things unfold but for more information on our response please contact your Client Director or one of our Global Specialty Markets team in London on 020 7530 0600.

24-Hour Emergency HelpLine 0345 605 0873

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