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The FAS Focus – Edition 2

06th Apr 2015

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Welcome to the second edition of FAS Focus, providing insights and analysis into the world of forensic accounting and business valuation. In this edition, we cover business valuation and insurance related topics. We also introduce four experts who have recently joined FAS.

In the first article, Domenic Quartullo, a valuations partner from our Sydney office, highlights that a profitable small business may not necessarily be valuable if it is heavily reliant on its owners’ continued participation. He explores the distinction between business and personal factors in understanding the drivers of a business and their likely effect on value.

Kimberley Daley, head of FAS Australia, then reflects on how business interruption policies and Insurers responded to the insurance related aspects following the Lindt Cafe terrorist event, referred to in the Australian media as “the Sydney Siege”.

Finally, we introduce four new experts who have recently joined FAS, and who bring a broad range of skills and experience to the team.

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