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UK Floods – Client Update 1

07th Dec 2015

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Issued at 17:00 on Monday 7 December 2015

Current Status

In the aftermath of Storm Desmond, our adjusters have been out visiting customers in the worst affected areas –over the weekend and today. In Carlisle, initial reports suggest that the damage is worse than in the 2005 floods. In Cockermouth, the flood water levels are 4 feet lower than they were in 2009, but the damage is still quite significant.

Access Issues

Corbridge in Northumberland – some areas are still inaccessible, as are large parts of Carlisle, where people are still being rescued. Main Street in Cockermouth was today closed to traffic for the clean up operation and, despite the water having receded, there are still problems getting into Penrith, due to bridge closures. This makes visiting customers difficult, many of whom have still not been able to see the condition of their properties for themselves.

Help Line

Customer calls handled were up by 75% on Saturday and 140% on Sunday, compared to business as usual figures. Our home emergency telephone lines were also very busy.

Claims Centres

Our claims centres are fully staffed and working hard to make sure that every customer reporting a claim gets the important initial support and advice they need. The volume of new claims we’ve received is approximately 8 times our business as usual figures. Of the new storm and flood claims, currently 80% of these are flood claims. From past experience, we expect to see further claims coming in from this event over the next two to three days, as people manage to re-gain access into their homes.

Adjuster Field Force

We have mobilised our surge response plans and our specialist property teams based in the North East and West are being supported by staff from other areas. Our first priority is to make sure that the right skills and expertise is available to every customer at the very outset.

Any questions?

Please contact: Mark Baird on: TEL: 07880 780150 or EMAIL: [email protected]


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