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UK Floods – Update 4

10th Dec 2015

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Issued at 16:30 on Thursday 10 December 2015

Current Status

Glenridding was flooded again last night, as further heavy rain caused the river to burst its banks. Incoming claims numbers are slowing, but continue to run at approximately 30% above business as usual levels. Of the flood claims we’ve received so far: 35% commercial – of which 20% are major losses – and 65% domestic.

As well as Cumbria, we are also dealing with significant numbers of claims in Lancashire, Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, but Carlisle still represents 60% of the total claims we’ve received to date.

We are currently operating a 7-day week service for customers, which will continue until further notice.

Access & Communications

We have now established adjuster workstation centres in Kendall and Penrith, as well as Carlisle and Cockermouth, to provide additional communications support facilities for our field teams.


The volume of out of hours calls has decreased over the last 24 hours, but we will continue to have additional staff manning these phone lines over the next few days – certainly until after the coming weekend.

Claims Centres

Our Claims Centres are working closely with our adjusting teams to make sure the flow of service to customers is seamless. Clear and regular communications with every customer is a key priority, and we’re seeing an increased use of miClaim, our ‘self-service’ customer claims update system.

Adjuster Field Force

Our visit programme is well underway and 50% of our initial assessment appointments will be completed by close of business today. Our specialist property adjusters are working closely with Surveying Services and Oriel to prioritise assistance for all urgent cases.

Alternative Accommodation

We’re working with our suppliers across the North West to make sure that we have adequate and appropriate temporary accommodation reserved for customers who have been displaced by the floods. We have secured priority agreements with agents within the flood affected areas and, as further adjuster visits take place, we will gain a clearer picture of the overall requirements. Many agents are also converting vacant sale properties into lets as an additional source of rental accommodation.

WeatherNet Forecast

Dr Richard Wild at WeatherNet warns that there is “a moderate risk” of further heavy rain hitting the North West on Saturday afternoon. Falling on already saturated ground and feeding into swollen rivers, it’s highly possible that further rain could cause localised flooding. We will continue to monitor the weather forecast for Saturday over the next 24 hours.

Click here to see our aerial footage of the Desmond flooding

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