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UK Winter Floods Update 28 December 2015

28th Dec 2015

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Issued at 16:30 on Monday 28 December 2015

As the waters begin to subside in Yorkshire and Lancashire we have moved resources to the affected areas. Adjusters have been recalled from holiday and we have an initial force to deal with urgent claims and vulnerable customers
Our claims centres in Glasgow and Cardiff have been open to progress claims and help customers as have 9 of our regional offices. Where client offices have been open we are working to notify, record and triage new claims.
We anticipate a significant increase in this activity as people return to work tomorrow after the Christmas break, but with relatively little detailed information or feedback on the situation at present, we have assembled a number of images that we’ve captured to give a feeling for the extent of the Eva storm related flooding on Boxing day and yesterday.

Whilst we were unable to fly over the worst affected areas of York yesterday due to rescue helicopters in operation, you can see the video footage from our drone filming across Lancashire and Yorkshire by clicking here.

We will provide more detailed accounts as we gain access.

We’ll issue another update providing more details as the scale of the event becomes clearer over the coming days.

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