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UK Winter Floods Update – 29 December 2015

29th Dec 2015

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Issued at 16:30 on Tuesday 29 December 2015

It’s too early to tell if the damage caused by Storm Eva is on the same scale as Storm Desmond, but early indications are that it will build into another significant claims event.

We’ve had teams in York and other flooded areas in the Northwest today. Led by Neil Gibson, Loss Adjusting Services Director and accompanied by Phil McNeilage, CEO, they’ve been assisting flood victims with advice and support, as well as gaining a first hand assessment on the severity of the situation.

The water has receded from the worst hit areas around Huntingdon Road in York, where an estimated 4/500 homes have been affected. The army has been out helping people clear their homes and distributing food, which has been greatly appreciated by everyone in the affected communities.

Weather Forecast

Storm Frank is forecast to hit the UK later today. Heavy rain – up to 58mm in places – accompanied by strong, storm force winds is predicted for tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. The worst of the weather is likely to be across Central and Southern Scotland and the Northwest of England. An updated total precipitation forecast from WeatherNet is pictured.

Today, the Environment Agency has 9 severe (danger to life) flood warnings and another 39 flood warnings, in the Northwest and the Northeast of the UK. The predicted rainfall will put these waterways under extreme pressure.

Ready to Respond

Our Service Centres in Glasgow and Cardiff were open for business yesterday and, as normal, today, as were nine of our regional offices around the UK. This has enabled us to begin processing the majority of new claims that have come in following Storm Eva.

With the imminent arrival of Storm Frank, we have plans already in place to make sure that we’re in the best position possible to provide additional customer support, across all areas in the Northwest and Northeast.

Many of our adjusters and support staff are returning to work early from their Christmas break, which will enable us to start working immediately on contacting customers with new claims, and provide help and assistance.

Emergency HelpLine

Our 24/7 emergency HelpLine handled over 3,800 calls in total – from Christmas Day through to midnight yesterday – 1100 of those calls were taken on Boxing Day alone. Staffing of our HelpLine was increased to cope with any emergencies over the Christmas break, and it will be stepped up again tonight and the New Year weekend.

For urgent assistance for your customers, please contact: 24 Hour Emergency HelpLine: 0345 604 8580

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