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We’re ready to respond to Ophelia across the UK

16th Oct 2017

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An amber weather warning has been issued by the Met Office, as ex-hurricane Ophelia is expected to bring strong winds to the UK from midday today. With gusts of up to 80 mph, it’s predicted to peak across Northern Ireland and north and west Wales this afternoon. Following a northward track, the strong winds are then expected to hit southwest Scotland this evening.

The amber warning for wind applies to Northern Ireland, western Wales and southwest Scotland, with a yellow warning extending to many other western and northern areas of the UK – this runs into much of Tuesday.

Transport, power and communication services could be affected and some damage to buildings is highly possible.

24-Hour Emergency HelpLine
We’re increasing the resources for our 24-hour emergency HelpLine today, overnight and into tomorrow morning. We’re ready to provide any immediate and urgent support and assistance that your customers might require.

Ready to respond across the UK

Invisio – our Building Claims Inspectors have been briefed and we’re ready to relocate additional resources into those areas that are worst affected. We’re in a good position to respond to any increase in property damage claims right across the UK.

Loss Adjusting Services – we’ve also put our national network of loss adjusters and support teams on standby – including surveyors and structural engineers from Sergon.

We’re ready to respond at every level, should the current strong winds build into a significant claims event.

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