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Winter storms 2015/16 – 5 February 2016

05th Feb 2016

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WeatherNet Forecast

WeatherNet have issued a weather warning for this weekend which suggests that storm and gale force wind gusts are expected to affect many southern areas of the UK. In particular they have identified SW England, southern and central England, East Anglia and southern Wales.

These areas have previously been unaffected by the recent storms which have hit the UK and there is therefore the possibility of damage being occasioned by this weather incident.

In addition heavy rain is expected across southern Wales, central and southern England and SW England at the same time. This may give rise to localised flooding due to already high river levels and saturated ground.
Environment Agency Flood Warnings

There is only one flood warning currently in force for this weekend for SW England although there are 7 flood alerts. These are largely for the south of England.

Flood warnings in the North of England and Scotland have reduced considerably over the past week and the Environment Agency and SEPA are not showing new flood warnings or alerts as a result of the predicted weekend weather.

24 Hour Emergency Helpline

Our Helpline team have reviewed the predictions for the weather patterns and are planning to increase resource accordingly.

Based on the higher levels of demand that we have been experiencing recently as a result of storms Gertrude and Henry we are increasing our resource levels by 25% and 50% for Saturday and Sunday respectively to allow for the possible additional demand that might be generated by this weather pattern.

Claims Centre response

Our claims centres in Glasgow and Cardiff are already planning to be open this weekend working on surge claims from the various flooding events in December. As a result we will have teams who can respond to any increase in demand from our Helpline team in Cardiff.

Loss Adjusting teams ready to respond Our adjusting teams will be on standby to deal with any surge in claims. At this stage we anticipate that any increase is likely to be storm rather than flood claims and we have the appropriate resource ready to handle these claims.

In the meantime our focus in the flood zones and across our wider office network will be on progressing the flood claims from December as well as our business as usual work.

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