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The hospitality industry strives to provide safe, enjoyable, functional facilities for residents and visitors to experience a pleasant atmosphere and enjoyable stay.

Visionary planning, quality construction and disciplined maintenance require collaboration among experienced professional consultants and proven contractors to deliver such an experience.

At EFI Global, we help our clients achieve success by utilizing environmental consulting, forensic engineers, fire investigators and catastrophe response personnel to ensure the development and continued safe operation of these facilities throughout their life. 

Our team of experts can provide the following services to the hospitality industry:

Property Site Selection Services

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) Phase I, II, and III – performed before the construction begins, ESA’s ensure that all environmental risks are minimized and do not negatively impact the future of the property
  • Property Condition Assessments and ESA Phase I’s – performed during the acquisition or refinancing of a property and completed in general accordance with ASTM standards  
  • Capital Expenditures Analysis — this table will summarize those items that may need repair or are foreseen to require repair or replacement within an analysis period specified by the client

During Construction

  • Construction Document Review, Monthly Draw Assessments and Plan Reviews for Construction – EFI staff will observe the existing site in conjunction with reviewing construction documents, making periodic site observations for the propose of assessing the status of the work-in-progress and general compliance with approved plans and specifications and reviewing borrower’s/contractor’s requests for payment during construction  

Continued Operation

  • Our environmental consultants and engineers can assist with the day-to-day issues including mold, Indoor Air Quality, asbestos, roofing, curtain wall, mechanical, electrical and structural

Catastrophe Response

  • Damage assessments and consulting following hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, hail storms, lightning strikes, tornadoes, fires and other natural disasters as well as regularly working with insurance companies throughout the claims process and are available to work with your adjusters to ensure that they have the information to promptly address and settle any claim    

Regardless of your location, our national presence of allows us to respond quickly to address your needs and ensure the continued operation of your facility with minimal impact to the daily operations of your business. 


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