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Product Liability & Recall

We provide individual claims handling, multi-claimant and cross-border expertise for a broad range of industries from automative, construction, food and beverage.

Service overview
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Speed of response is crucial. With a dedicated global team of over 40 sector-led loss adjusters we can respond quickly. We immediately investigate and recommend the best strategy for prompt resolution.

No matter what the size, sector or location, an issue with product quality can seriously damage a company’s brand and reduce or eliminate profitability. We work with you to avoid or mitigate claims and we focus on the resolution of disputes without litigation, to save you money and allow you to get back to business faster.

How we can help
  • A track record of minimising damage

    You'll benefit from our proven ability to minimise damage, comply with local regulations, and reduce costs. We can also advise on risk management to help prevent future issues that could damage your brand.

  • Keeping you updated every step of the way

    When a loss occurs you will have access to our experts around the world via a single point of contact. We also provide you with the management information and loss data you need to make fact-based decisions.

Areas of expertise
  • Product liability
  • Product guarantee
  • Financial loss
  • Contaminated product
  • Defective product
  • Product recall
  • Recall planning


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