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Emergency response 24/7 through our toll free Spill Line 1-866-530-4086.

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  • Understanding Insurance

    EFI Global merges environmental remediation with a solid understanding of insurance to better serve our clients.

    At EFI Global, we aren’t adjusters and adjusting environmental claims is not what we do. But we do have strong insurance backgrounds and together bring over 80 years’ experience adjusting insurance claims to our role here at EFI Global.

    Why does that matter?

    Well, it matters because it means we have a fundamental understanding of what is important to our clients and can tailor solutions that are framed around our knowledge of their needs and expectations.

    We have the ability to communicate in insurance language and apply our insurance experience to consult with our scientists throughout the project.

    That’s why we’re sensitive to issues like reserve changes and therefore use formal worksheets to get the best possible reserve as quickly as possible. It’s also why we attempt to close files as quickly as possible, without compromising quality or thoroughness, because a closed file saves money.

  • Site Management

    Our approach to site management is very “hands-on” and that’s what makes EFI Global different than traditional consultants.

    We are eager to act as the general contractor if that is what our client wants. We believe that managing the “yellow iron” on site on a daily basis delivers true value to the client – saving them time and money.

  • North American Coverage

    Across Canada and the USA

    EFI Global provides Canada-wide services through our offices in Saint John, NB; Halifax, NS; Montreal, QC; Mississauga, ON; Toronto, ON; Hamilton, ON; North Bay, ON; Ottawa, ON; Thunder Bay, ON;and Calgary, AB.

    We provide complete coverage across the US through our sister company, EFI Global. We have 25 service centers located in the USA and experts located in nearly all 50 states.

    EFI Global, Inc., is a full-service Forensic Engineering, Fire Investigation, Environmental, and Specialty Consulting services firm serving commercial, industrial, institutional, insurance, government, public, and private entities.  We complete more than 21,000 projects annually for clients worldwide in a variety of industries.

    For more than 30 years, EFI Global has taken great pride in earning your trust as one of the most respected firms worldwide, capable of providing practical solutions to the most complex problems.  Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, fire investigators, and scientists is selected for their technical proficiency and in-depth industry knowledge to aid clients in resolving technical problems.

    Each employee reflects EFI Global’s commitment to professional integrity and client service.  Our experts analyze the facts and provide clients with detailed results helping them to make informed decisions that impact business objectives.  As an industry leader with a reputation built upon meeting and exceeding expectations, we are committed to building strong, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with each of our clients.

  • Practical Solutions

    EFI Global supports clients by providing practical solutions.

    Our approach is to help our clients make informed and appropriate business decisions regarding their environmental liabilities. 

    EFI Global does not own remediation equipment or have ties or preferences to any specific technologies or disposal facilities. We devise the most cost effective remediation strategy, using the appropriate combination of technologies.

    We provide our clients with:

    • Options
    • Associated costs
    • Implications
    • Timelines
    • Recommendations

    From there, our clients decide for themselves which approach or option best fits their objectives, coverage or risk profiles.

    We execute only the selected option, control and document the costs and technical work while bringing the project to a swift conclusion.

  • Experienced Environmental Experts

    The EFI Global team is made up of experienced, licensed environmental professionals, scientists, project managers, qualified technicans and trainers.

    Our team is focused on providing services to the insurance and risk management industries; knowing their clients and understanding their challenges;working with clients to provide the right solution; and, eliminating  risks/liabilities and closing files cost-effectively.

    Staff members are trained in a variety of environmental areas. Dedicated to assuring quality and services, we offer the most up to date, cost effective technologies in the industry. Every EFI Global employee is constantly learning and upgrading their knowledge and skills.

    Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, EFI Global staff are dedicated to their profession and are equipped to handle any assignment sent their way.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Our documentation is detailed, thorough and stands up to scrutiny.

    It is a common thought that if you have a pollutant spilled into the environment all you are required to do is have an emergency response team, attend the site to contain it, clean it and walk away.

    Although this sounds sufficient – it is not.

    A significant initiative many people forget to do is to file a remediation report with the proper authorities. This report is the backbone of the remedial work. Without this report the regulatory authorities really have no reason to believe that a clean-up has been completed to proper standards. Sure they may know that a response team was on site working but has the site been proven clean scientifically? If it is scientifically sound it means there has been proper samples obtained from the completed remedial work to prove that the impacted material has been sufficiently removed.

    Without this scientific report proving the pollutant that was spilled into the environment, there is no paper trail proving it was cleaned. The scientific reporting ensures that the regulatory agency, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), knows exactly what was done at the site to prevent, eliminate and ameliorate the adverse effect and to restore the natural environment. This report also states the concentrations remaining at the loss location. The concentrations are determined by the confirmatory samples retrieved and submitted to an independent laboratory. Basically this report tells the story from start to finish explaining exactly what remedial measures were taken and the results of the remedial work.

    By ensuring that proper remedial work has been completed at the loss location and the regulatory agency has had the remediation report filed with them many consequences can be eliminated.

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