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Civil and Structural

Our experienced civil and structural engineers bring a clear and pragmatic perspective to complex failure related losses that only years of experience in forensics, design and construction can bring.

EFI Global is at the forefront of forensic engineering, where our Civil and Structural Engineers apply accurate inspection techniques, analysis, and scientific methodology to investigate civil and structural failures. Our forensic expertise is showcased through extensive experience in the investigation and repair/rehabilitation of a wide array of structure and infrastructure issues. We also specialize in providing technical planning and strategic oversight for the design and construction phases within forensic cases, ensuring each solution is tailored to the unique challenges presented by the failure at hand.

Our team’s proficiency is underpinned by deep industry-specific knowledge and the latest forensic engineering practices. We navigate the degrees of building codes and industry standards with precision, delivering services that encompass structural condition assessments, material testing, and scientific failure analysis.

EFI Global’s expertise extends to advanced techniques in both destructive and non-destructive testing, ensuring a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation design and repair planning. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our precise reporting on civil and structural integrities, ensuring customer satisfaction with clear, comprehensive insights. We invest in the latest technologies and non-destructive techniques to enhance our forensic investigations, thereby maintaining an excellence in servicing the clients.”

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