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Brownfield Redevelopment

EFI Global supports the assessment and remediation of Brownfield sites, preparing them for redevelopment and eliminating any environmental threat they may pose.

Expert in this field
Kevin Burgher B.Sc., CIP, C.Tech., EP

EFI Global Canada
Senior Vice President

T: 902-421-6001

A Brownfield is typically an abandoned, idle or under used commercial or industrial site that is compromised by the real or perceived threat of environmental contamination because of its prior use.

These sites can be located in large industrial areas such as decommissioned railway yards and abandoned warehouses that stored toxic materials. Alternatively, these sites can be located within smaller urban centres such as a closed dry cleaners or gas station.

Typical contaminants found on Brownfield land include petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, heavy metals such as lead, pesticides, acids/bases, PCBs, asbestos and others.
While Brownfields may or may not pose serious health or environmental threat, they do represent a missed economic opportunity which can restrict new urban growth and re-development.

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