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Mould/Indoor Air Quality

If you suspect mould, our team can provide the initial assessment, hire and supervise contractors, and verify that the work is satisfactorily completed.


Once a suspicion of mould has been raised, EFI Global expertise can be put to work immediately. Our services include the initial assessment, the hiring and supervision of contractors, and the final verification that the work is completed. You can choose which role(s) you would like us to play.
An initial survey of the site is conducted to investigate the extent of water damage, subsequent mould growth and to determine the remedial objectives and necessary work required to return the site to pre-loss conditions.

A written report is generated which describes the results of the initial assessment. It is written in a form that can be shared with a homeowner or other interested party.

EFI Global maintains an active contractor management program, and knows who is qualified and insured to do the clean-up work.  Mould abatement procedures are site-specific, and are categorized depending on the quantity of visible mould present. There are numerous industry standard abatement protocols available. EFI Global ensures that the water restoration and mould abatement firm we choose have a working knowledge of all of the generally accepted protocols. Where necessary, EFI Global can write a specific protocol if requested.

Once remedial work is complete, we inspect the results to confirm success. Air samples comparing inside to outside or comparing un-impacted areas within a dwelling or office to previously impacted areas are methods commonly employed.

A final remediation report is prepared documenting the success of the work completed. A remediation report is a scientific document that provides verifiable assertions that the work of drying and mould abatement was completed properly. This report is written in a form that can be distributed to and understood by the property owners or other interested parties.


Across Canada, there are numerous buildings, most of which were built back in the 40’s and 50’s, that used asbestos containing materials in their constructions. EFI Global is experienced at surveying asbestos sites, abatement planning and bid specifications, oversight of abatement and monitoring of air quality. 

We have performed these services for a number of private and public buildings including a large number of primary and elementary schools.

Our remediation activities include:

  • Identification and inspection
  • Air and bulk sampling
  • Testing and interpreting results
  • Preparing protocols to ensure worker safety
  • Plan and execute the safe removal and disposal of the asbestos material
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