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Emergency Transportation Spill Response

EFI Global specializes in emergency transportation spill response and have a dedicated Spill Line (866-530-4086) open and staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Experienced staff stand ready, nationwide, to immediately mobilize to the site, any time of day or night.

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Kevin Burgher B.Sc., CIP, C.Tech., EP

EFI Global Canada
Senior Vice President

T: 902-421-6001

As required and depending on the information relayed to us, we can contact local qualified emergency response contractors to mobilize to the site and begin the containment process.

Typically, once we arrive at the spill site we conduct an initial assessment and immediately begin any emergency response activities necessary to contain the spill, prevent migration of contaminants and mitigate the loss.

As required, we immediately notify regulatory agencies.  If the product has entered surface water, we take the appropriate actions to minimize impacts to aquatic habitats.

Once the emergency response phase is completed and conditions are stabilized, we will determine if there are residual impacts to the soil, groundwater and/or surface water that will need additional remediation.  We will report to our client with a summary of:

  • Residual conditions
  • Options to closure
  • Estimated costs
  • Timelines
  • Implications
  • Recommendations

At this stage, and once authorized by our client, additional investigation, remediation planning, organization and execution may be required, depending on the size and complexity of the loss.  Often all that is required is some additional excavation of impacted soils adjacent to the accident scene.

We ensure that all work done to remediate the spill complies with applicable environmental laws and guidelines.

Our personnel work closely with clients and regulatory authorities to ensure a clean up is performed in a cost-effective manner while first meeting the instructions of our client. Then, if applicable, we work to satisfy relevant and appropriate regulations while minimizing long-term liability.

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