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When a community building was destroyed by fire, the challenge was to rebuild an exact replica, but one which met all current building codes

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In July 2012, lightening struck Egypt Hall, causing a fire which devastated the community building at the heart of the small hamlet of Georgina on the southern shores of Lake Simcoe. The hall was owned by the town and served as a focal point and venue for gatherings and parties. Cunningham Lindsey’s executive general agent Rick Bahen was immediately called in to advise the insured on the loss.

  • The Challenge:

    A review of the original building plans revealed that the building – constructed by a team of volunteers in 1989 – failed to meet current building standards. The Hall Board and Community members wanted their new hall to have all the character and amenities of the original building but were aware that as a public space, it was critical the new structure met modern building codes.

  • The Solution:

    Contractors and tradesmen involved in the rebuild were all local to the area and understood the importance of retaining the integrity of the original hall in their rebuild. This included sourcing bricks that were identical to those used on the first structure. Eighteen months after the fire the new hall was complete, stronger and more resilient, but with the same character of the first Egypt Hall.

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