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UK Floods – Advice for Clients

06th Dec 2015

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Issued at 8:45pm Sunday, 6 December 2015


It has been widely reported that this weekend has seen record rainfall across parts of the country, particularly affecting the Cumbrian towns of Carlisle, Cockermouth, Keswick, Kendal, Appleby and Penrith.

The impact of the rain on river levels can be seen by visiting which plots current water levels against normal as well as previous high levels.

Our adjusters on the ground today have observed that the flooding in Carlisle and Cockermouth is similar though not quite as bad as the flood events in 2005 and 2009.

A further bout of unsettled weather is due this coming week, but at much reduced intensity than we have had this weekend.


We have moved to SurgeWatch Level 2 as we implement our surge response ahead of an expected increase in flood claims tomorrow morning, and over the following days.

We deployed our mobile Surge Response Team to Cumbria today and they will be joined by other loss adjusters from unaffected areas of the UK in the early part of this week.

As access is currently restricted in some of the worst affected areas, we have also lined up additional visit resource for later in the week, with more than 200 visit slots available for next weekend should they be needed.

We have also re-scheduled some visits that were originally booked for this Monday and Tuesday. By bringing these forward and completing the visits yesterday and today we have further increased our capacity for urgent visits over the next few days.

We have secured temporary office space in Cockermouth and Carlisle to provide drop-in facilities for adjusters to work from, and meet customers where required.

Many of the properties affected will be in conservation areas, which bring additional considerations around building regulations. First thing tomorrow, our Surveying Services team will be liaising with the local council authorities with a view to agreeing protocols aimed at expediting this complex area.

Further updates will follow this week as the situation becomes clearer.

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