Hazardous Materials Response

Expert in this field
Kevin Burgher B.Sc., CIP, C.Tech., EP

EFI Global Canada
Senior Vice President

T: 902-421-6001

We are equipped to respond to major explosion incidents within 24 hours with Hazmat-trained Certified Fire Investigators that can provide complex explosion dynamics evaluations. Further, we can provide Hazmat trained Engineers and Environmental experts, creating a multi-disciplinary team approach to any hazardous materials origin and cause response. 

In addition to providing origin and cause investigations of catastrophic losses, our experts can:

  • Provide multi-agency coordination relating to an investigation
  • Provide oversight management services that conform to safety standards for hazardous materials site work
  • Provide and coordinate site remediation activities

Forensic Engineering and Investigation

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Richard Nellis CET, CFEI

Senior Forensic Consultant

T: +1 905 896 8181 Ext:8442

Whether your project requires a simple evaluation or an exhaustive investigation, we pride ourselves on delivering the same quick response, in-depth analysis and timely reporting for each project.

Our services include:
  • Civil and Structural
    • Forensic Engineering – Origin & Cause – Expert Witness
    • Building Failure Analysis – Commercial & Residential
    • Construction Defects
    • Roofing Assessments
    • Curtain Wall  (Building Envelope) Assessment
    • Moisture & Water Intrusion
    • Slip & Fall Analysis
    • Mechanical
  • Commercial Building Systems
    • HVAC mechanical evaluation
    • Product Design Failure
    • Propane and natural gas equipment
    • Furnaces and other appliances
    • Industrial Manufactured Products & Equipment
    • Petroleum & gas storage and distribution systems
  • Electrical
    • Analyze electrical events associated with fires, explosions, electrocutions, lightning, equipment, and other failures
      Electrical distribution systems
    • Lightning damage
    • Failure analysis evaluations – appliances & equipment
    • Vehicle Electrical Systems
    • Electrical Wiring Failure
    • Expert Witness
  • Roofing
    • Hail & Windstorm Damage Assessments
    • Wind Up-lift Testing
    • Infrared Moisture Surveys
    • Construction Defect Investigations
    • Core Sampling
    • Installation Failure
    • Roof Collapse
    • Drainage System Evaluation
    • Condition Assessments
    • Warranty Review
    • Expert & Factual Witness Testimony
    • Material Science
  • Mechanical Testing
    • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • Metallurgy
    • Failure Analysis
    • Coating Analysis
    • Microscopic Examination
    • Macroscopic Examination
    • Expert Witness
  • Catastrophe Response
    • Wind vs. flood assessment
    • Roof damage investigation
    • Water intrusion analysis
    • Hail damage assessment

Environmental and Industrial Hygiene

Expert in this field
Kevin Burgher B.Sc., CIP, C.Tech., EP

EFI Global Canada
Senior Vice President

T: 902-421-6001

With a dedicated catastrophe (CAT) response team supported by a national network of offices, we’re uniquely qualified, equipped and prepared to meet the constraints of demanding schedules and challenging conditions.

Our environmental CAT team consists of asbestos consultants, biologists, geologists, engineers, indoor air quality (IAQ) consultants, mold inspectors and technicians to help assess the environmental impacts on your property or loss site.

Our services include:
  • Environmental Assessment
    • Asbestos Inspection
    • Hazardous Material Survey
    • Contamination Assessment
    • Air Monitoring
    • Remediation Design and Oversight
  • Mould and Indoor Air Quality Testing
    • Moisture Mapping
    • Airborne Contaminant Testing
    • Mould Investigation and Analysis
    • Mould Remediation Design and Oversight