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Ahmad Shahroodi Ph.D., P.Eng.,

AVP Forensics – Central

Ahmad Shahroodi, Ph.D., P.Eng. joined the Forensic Engineering team at EFI Global Canada in August 2021, as a Senior Forensic Engineer. He also joined the international Large/Complex Loss team at EFI Global. Prior to joining EFI Global, Dr. Shahroodi worked as a Senior Forensic Engineer, project manager, structural designer, and quality control manager in many structural and infrastructure projects in Ontario. Dr. Shahroodi is the leader of EFI Global Canada Structural/Civil Engineering team and Ottawa region director.

In the world of forensic engineering, Dr. Shahroodi has worked in both infrastructure and structural projects (building, municipal and highway paving and culverts, and concrete structures). This experience coupled with his skills in structural and concrete materials design means Dr. Shahroodi has an excellent understanding of structures/infrastructures behaviour under various types of exposure and loading. As a forensic expert, he conducted investigations on a variety of failures and prepared expert reports to identify the cause of the damage/collapse and determine its extent. He is also an expert in testing structures and infrastructures with advanced non-destructive methods. His forensic reports and expertise have been referred to in several over province projects. Also, Dr. Shahroodi has provided litigation support in various cases across Ontario.

Dr. Ahmad Shahroodi is also a certified Adjudicator by the Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (ODACC), the authorized nominating authority under the Construction Act. Dr. Shahroodi is able to hear construction adjudications, consider Claimants and Respondents positions, and come to the determination, which is ultimately enforceable by the courts of law.

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